The Winter Market formed in 1997, as an excuse for keyboard player Ron Elliott to record some tunes with friends and play with some borrowed gear.
The Winter Market included Tone Valcic on drums, Dino Verginella on bass, and the late Kymbliss Drake on vocals and sometimes piano.
The music had a unique sound, drawing from Drum ‘n Bass, New Wave, Jazz and Rock.
The tunes were never intended to be more than demos, Ron released them online after Kym’s passing.

The Ballad of Artie Fufkin brought The Winter Market back into the studio in 2007 to record a mostly live off the floor improvised jazz/funk album featuring the Hammond Organ. Ron, Tone and Dino were all nominated for Hamilton Music Awards. They didn't win any, but received some critical acclaim and local airplay for this odd record. The Ballad of Artie Fufkin peaked at #3 on the local university radio station.

The Winter Market are currently working on their third album "Girl loves Robot". This album combines jazz and synth pop with deep house and Latin rhythms.


The Winter Market Girl loves Robot Coming soon


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